You haven’t lived in Eastwood if you ….

What do you remember or know about Eastwood that makes this place unique among all other neighborhoods in the world? Please use the comment function to add your thoughts to those you see here, sent from Karen who moved to Florida and writes to us in the Walkable Eastwood email group.

You haven’t lived in Eastwood if you…

Never got caught with your feet up on a seat in the Palace, and Frances shining her flashlight in your eye. Yelling “Feet down or get out”.

Never tried sneaking in the Palace from the side door emergency exits… Your friends would pay to get in then make a lot of noise in the girls room with flushing and running water. Frances would come in to yell, “That’s enough water! If you want a bath, go home!” While she was in there someone would open the side door and let you in……

Never hid in Cummings field after dark, used your parents camera flash to make street light shut off, then swung on parks swings till midnight…..

Never listened to the great Stan Collela Orchestra while “Dancin’ under the stars”

Never had to close your windows on a damp or humid day when the winds came out of the east……Penicillin and Bristol……

Never had a 10 cent cinnamon Hershey Popsicle at Chase’s cigar store…

Never met great men like the late Tom Shepardson…. A kind friendly comfort in your hour of need…..

Never saw the great parade of little hobgoblins march up Forest Hill Drive every year on Halloween from A.S Huntington School…..

Never knew the phone number of every payphone from Charney’s to Thompson Rd…..or who was calling and probably who they were looking for…

Never went for a walk after dark over Sunnycrest hill/Shotwell park watching all the lights of the cars going by on 690 , while the wind whispering in the trees was making creepy noises and scaring your pants off…..

Never bought “chum gum” for a penny at Mel and Vi Sayers’ market…..

Never ate awesome Fried Haddock at the Fish Cove in Shop City…(No haddock in Florida)…

Never smelled that crazy musty odor in McCrory’s while your Mom made you try on flip flops or bought toilet paper there…..

Never had fries and a burger at Grant’s dept store snack bar in Shop City….

Never spent all summer saving money to go to all the surrounding neighborhoods’ “field days”…..They used to do one in the “First Trust” bank parking lot (Key Bank corner of Collingwood /James)… How about the one in Lyncourt, down in the field where Court Street meets Teall just east of Syracuse China……..

Never had a “Elephant Ear ” or “hot cross bun” at Rasmussen’s bakery on James St.

Never had a headlight at Geddes Bakery…..

Never played pool at Cap’s…..

Never played the greased watermelon race at the pool days, outdoors at the Huntington pool……

Never made boondoggles, lemon ice or spin art with the rec dept at Huntington park….

Never wrote your initials on the wall outside Biasone’s bowling alley and got chased away…..

Never ate McDonald’s late night outside the Fotomat in Shop City…..

Never got to try nail polish on at the make-up counter in Mr. Wager’s pharmacy on James and North Ave….

Never walked down James St on a summer Sunday around 10:30 when the Catholics, Methodists and Baptists were all singing hymns with their doors open…..

Never took a cab ride with “Ace Eastwood Cab Company”… Louie Tenalglia, Louie Recaparo, Vic Bottina, Esther Blevins… To name of few of my cabby friends….

Never got out of BS school for lunch and had a RB on a Kaiser at Sid’s Steak and Sundae…

Never had a note along with 200 other kids for a “Dr appointment” on opening day at the Syracuse Chiefs…..

Never ran into Galloway’s Pharmacy to get out of the rain and grab a coke while doing your paper route on Paul, Peck, James, Teall and Rugby Rd….

Never got a really beautiful Christmas tree at the Evergreen Mart on Thompson Rd. Or beautiful annuals across the street at Barbagallo’s stand….

Never wondered if smelt were fish, why on earth did that factory on Thompson Rd smell like smoke and dirty metal?

Never were green with envy at the size of that awesome front yard at Shotwell and James St and GOBSMACKED how ya never saw any kids playing on it…..

and last but not least…

Never thought it was gonna be missed so very much when you left it behind…….

I left my heart in Eastwood….

To all

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  1. You haven’t lived in Eastwood if you…
    never tried your darndest to make it down James St. without getting a red light.
    Never had a great meal at Arturo’s,Eleanors or The TRI-R.
    Never snuck candy from Galloways to the Shop City Cinema.
    Never watched or participated in the Columbus day parade.
    Never Had your hair done in one of the MANY beauty parlors. (marie’s was the BEST, she gave me my first Pixie cut)
    Never Been to both Byrne Dairy’s on the same day.
    Never purchased a 45rpm record from Fays or an Album from Music Center.

  2. Coming from another Eastwood to Florida transplant, this post brought back a lot of memories ;-)

  3. what about:
    Never bought a greeting card from Mary at the Eastwood Bookstore.

    Never went with your Dad to buy paint at Barney’s Paint store on James Street.

    Never bought any craft supplies at “Crafty Lady”.

    Never had pizza at Frank’s on North Ave.

    Never bought a candy bar on the way home from Huntington at McDonald’s store on Woddbine Ave.

    Never had to “stop for milk” at Kammar’s Silver Star on Sunnycrest.

  4. Karen,

    Don’t know where you live in FL, but we’ve found fried haddock at Red’s Breakfast and Lunch, Hernando (between Inverness and Ocala, just off Rt. 200 (Inverness side of bridge at Stumpknockers). Other than that, we’ve found only their idea of a fish fry involves pollock – not even close!

  5. Hi, There is Haddock at a few places in Pinellas County (Clearwater/Largo Area). We also have Hoffman Hot dogs (Duneden and Largo). Steamed clams are shipped down also. Even with all the wonderful things here, also where I have been since I left Eastwood, and the fact that all My family is far from Eastwood, I still have wonderful memories and Eastwood will always be home. Mildred Ave, BS, St. Johns, Sunnycrest, Salem Hyde, Grant Village and Shotwell Park. We played ball with Kren baseball bats that had Our names burned in the barrel. Hunnington Pool, Shiller when Hunnington was closed. Lincoln Little League, My younger brothers played at Eastwood LL. Many of us took it for granted but, Eatswood was truly, heaven on earth.

  6. How could anyone be a true Eastwoodite without remembering JAF’s on Tyson and Ashdale!

  7. Ate at the original “Taste of Philly”. hung out down at the Mucks. Went to a dance at Eastwood Jr High. Played football in front of hunnington in the morning before school started and dragged the mud in with you. played spin the bottle behind hunnington pool and the big one ran from the cops while drinking from a warm keg up on henninger hill that we used our older brother or sisters ID to buy at Jafs..

  8. Never buying fireworks from Jaf’s in the back room, or McDonalds Grocery for that matter.
    Never skipping church at Blessed Sacrament and going bowling at the Eastwood Sports Center. Don’t forget to get a bulletin to prove to Mom that you were there!
    Never getting a sub from Ricky’s Submarines on James and Collingwood.
    Never delivered newspapers for Sam Mercurio.
    Never played King of the Mountain behind Blessed Sacrament church.
    Never walked the longest mile to use the bathroom at Arturo’s.
    Never spent all of your money at Button’s Arcade, or Great Games in Shop City.
    Never blew up a tree in Norwood Park.
    Never froze your ass off taking morning swim lessons at Hunnington Pool.

  9. Ate a Franks Pizza at 2am even know Red was an asshole…
    Played hide n seek in the woods at Norwood Park…
    Got kicked off the ramp in the back of True Value for climbing on the roof…
    Had a Fribble or Jim Dandy at Friendlys…
    Got send to Byrne Dairy for milk…
    Rode your bike to Green lakes in the summer…
    Got ripped off by Mr. Meltzer after delivering newspapers all summer…
    Got your hair cut at Aundry’s in Shop City…
    and finally…steal candy out the back door of Right Aid when you were broke…

  10. Great memories of Eastwood here. All so true.
    Walking up Caleb Ave for swimming lessons at Huntington pool then walking to my grandmother’s house for lunch.
    Walking to Kamar’s for candy and then meeting friends at The Wall and talking ’til dark.
    BS basketball games. Clapping erasers clean at the side doors of BS.
    Going to confession every 1st Thursday just to get out of class for a while.
    Mandatory 1st Friday masses and let’s not forget those nuns.
    Crab soccer.
    Rolling that blue plaid uniform skirt up.
    Eastwood dances and who remembers the car washes?
    Shopping at Chappell’s on James, then in Shop City.
    Eastwood Bears football games.
    Skipping first class to all meet for breakfast at McDonalds.
    Hangin’ on The Hill with just about everyone.
    Walking from one end to the other of either Sunnycrest or Caleb with your mob of friends.
    Henninger dances and Friendly’s after.
    Walking down the longest aisle in Syracuse when getting married at Blessed Sacrament church.

  11. Begged you mom or dad to take you down Jaff’s hill going really fast while we were in the back seat(no seat belts required back then) so you could get some air.

  12. Reading all these brings tears to my eyes… because I didn’t grow up here! I just have to know… what was JAF’s?

  13. Good Morning Lonnie and ALL!
    Lonnie Jaf’s ( could get the GIANT freeze pops for 10 cents)was one of those little micro neighborhood corner stores. I lived on South side of James and we had Mel and Vi Sayers on Stafford and Sunnycrest( 1 cent Chum Gum, plus Miss Vi used to sell her crocheted )…Old Man MacDonald’s was on Woodbine and Glencove( Could get fireworks SHHHH and really yummy Creamscicles and push pops)…Aga’s was on Hixon I think… There was a store on Corner of Midler and Sunnycrest it was run by a Nojaim’s Sister but can’t remember what the name of it was…Chases on James St had Magazine we weren’t suppose to look at but and I do not mean PLAYBOY or GIRL…I mean Vogue and Cosmo) it had a little coffee counter and cinnamon popscicles!!) Galaways on Peck and James (were I used to deliver newspapers for MR Asterino( the BEST Distributor in Syracuse) and a couple of apartment s upstairs and Dalton’s antiques in with it… The best part these people lived upstairs from their stores…So they were built in security! They had a vested interest in keeping their storefronts clean and safe , it was their livelihood …they had a sense of pride and each of them had a little something special and unique to their corner along with the staples we needed! We walked and biked everywhere and took buses….you didn’t need to get in your car to go from 100 block of FHD to 300 block to pick your kid up at Huntington! Sure on Saturdays you would load up the car and the kids and hit the regional market and shop city and then Burnet Mid-State but that was b/c you were gonna spend the whole day at it! Our neighborhood stores were all we needed until the BIG weekly shopping trip…And they never were that big Peters and Acme and Burnet Mid-State were all we needed until…Then Wegman’s came and we started being drawn in by the whole “Superstore”experience and now you HAD to drive to the store…Unless of course you were a die hard you could take the bus…But it was hard to get that many groceries on back with you BUT there were plenty of people who did it…We never actually owned a car…My Mom took taxi’s and I hoofed it or bused it…And now I am trapped in a Side-walk -less community with no PUBLIC trans at ALL No taxi’s even…My daughter can’t walk to school they HAVE to ride the bus or be picked up…even if they live across the road! And we get in our cars to go 1 mile…truly a sad sad thing! Gosh sorry I am ranting again!!!! Happy Spring /Easter to you ALL! from the Little Yankee Girl in Dixie!

  14. Never had to pick up Tony Conti out of the bushes on Saturday morning in front of Huntington where he slept all night after one six pack.

  15. Hey, I never skipped church at Blessed Sacrament and went to the Sport Center……….I wnt to Steak and Sunday and asked people after mass what color Father Flavin was wearing.

  16. HI: think name of store on sunnycrest and midler ave was red and white, or maybe Kamar’s Silver Star. Lincoln park family store, had spotted gum balls, if you got one u got extra penny candy. Gum ball macines with small trinkets, toasters, irons,baby bottles. Great fun. Skating at huntington park. A life’s worth at Blessed Sacrament school and church. Very rewarding.

  17. Store at Sunnycrest/Midler (now florist, or was 3 years ago) was Louise Brothers. Kamar’s Silver Star was at the corner of Sunnycrest/Nichols (was a gym 3 years ago). Now retired in FL, and reviewing above comments, still get good haddock near Ocala and just this past Tues. made trip to Apollo Meats in Apollo Beach for Hoffman franks, coneys, ring bologna and mustard. Missing the Byrne Dairy choc. milk, but can’t have it all.

  18. The store on S. Midler and Sunnycrest was Louise Brothers, the Nojaims was on S. Midler and Glencove Rd. Visiting the Firehouse on S.Midler – ice skating behind Huntington School. CYO dances at Blessed Sacrament, Eastwood High football games. Being able to walk all over Eastwood at night and never having a care. Nicotra’s store on Burnet and S.Midler near the muck farms. “Frances” at the Palace Theater patrolling the aisles during the movies.

  19. So many memories brought back by reading the above posts. I lived next to McDonald’s Grocery for many years. I remember riding my bike all over Eastwood. Been in Florida since 1989. And one thing that I REALLY miss are the Hinerwadel’s Salt Potatoes(only native to Central New York area). Floridians have no idea what they are missing. When family and friends come to visit they are always sure to bring us salt potatoes, Hoffman coneys and sometimes even cheese curd. And yes it is very hard to find good haddock down here. Fish Cove should open a shop in Orlando…they’d make a killing. Good memories…thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Never got a hair cut from Natale @ the eastwood barbershop,last I knew he is @ the airport.
    Never got chased off of the hill at sunnycrest
    Never caught a baseball game while playing for liberty bakery.
    Never got BOBO to buy your beer at teal market from Gabbi (R.I.P)
    summer days playing kick the can with tons of kids in your neighborhood.
    shopped at Charneys on james st at there first store that was like one isle wide
    or bought wild irish rose with our fake I.D. at ryans liqour
    tip a few, anchor,john barleycombs, bears den, eastroom, and one joint a few doors down from the palace when i was a little kid i remeber they used to cover the windows so we coudn’t look in.
    $1.00 pizza at franks, and yes red was an asshole
    and rita thanks for the apollo beach info, I have lived in riverview the past 8 tears and never new.
    can,t wait for another blast from the past.

  21. I remember when we would see a cop, we would just run and they would chase us every time! The White Tower hamburgers, Henry’s Hamburgers! The Sport Center! The original Cue Club! The original Chase’s, Wittigs! Sliding down the snowy hill at the Housing or Sunnycrest on a sheet of cardboard. Hopping cars in the winter. Delivering papers for Mr Zimmer. Greatest place to grow up in the 60’s!

  22. What about sledding down the hills in Sunnycrest Golf Course at midnight during the winter….it was a peaceful time.
    How about the legends that used to walk the streets of Eastwood….names like Nick Barone, Marty Pirano…and more…
    Oh yeah…Franks Pizza……well it was one of the few choices that delivered.

  23. This is making me so nostalgic! Although I didn’t grow up in Eastwood, my late husband, Daniel Cinqmars, most certainly did and how I miss those wonderful Christmas dinners at his parents’ house on Midler Ave. These were occasionally followed by trudging through the snow to the bowling alley on James St. later in the afternoon (or maybe that was Thanksgiving?). I cherish the memory of opening my first Christmas presents from Daniel’s parents in 1975. The ice skates, long john underwear, and wool socks made this Southern girl feel like a true honorary New Yorker. I currently reside in Arkansas and had one of those small world experiences about a year ago. When dining in a popular Italian restaurant in Eureka Springs, AR, I overheard the couple at the next table discussing Syracuse. I couldn’t help myself and rudely butted in to their conversation. Thankfully, they were friendly and receptive. The wife of the couple had grown up in Eastwood just a couple of blocks from my husband’s childhood home. The husband had been employed at the downtown Dey Bros., whereas I had worked at the one in Shoppingtown Mall in Dewitt. They are currently enjoying their retirement in a home on Beaver Lake near Eureka Springs. I don’t recall their names, but really enjoyed reliving life in the old days in Syracuse with them.

  24. This brought tears to my eyes……
    Never dropped an ice cream cone at Friendly’s and going back for a replacement.
    Never found a car under the snow pile at Carl’s shopping plaza.
    Never stopped at Blessed Sacrament convent for Halloween for lousy candy and compliments on your costume.
    Never got the New York style at Eastwood Barbershop.
    Neve tried to outsmart the automated counted at Eastwood lanes.
    Never ate. Lousy piece of pizza from Arturos or Frank’s pizza.
    Never got kicked out of the Palace, but snuck back in……

    Eastwood is still and always be in my heart. Great childhood growing up there!

  25. How about swiming at the huntingtown pool, spending an entire day at Sunnycrest Park at the “crabapple fort”‘ sleding or toboganing down “dead man’s hill” and going across the golf green and getting airborne as you hit the rim of the farside binker?

    Delivering the Herald Journal down Teall, down Melrose, and up the south half of Shotwell Park…

    Riding my bike to serve the early mass at Blessed Sacrament. Being at the leading edge of the Baby Boomers and seeing the BSS auditorium turned into classrooms.

    Dances in the BSS cafeteria in 6th, 7th & 8th grades….

    Getting in the car with my parents to pick up fried fish at “Ludeveccio’s” on the back side of The Villa on Friday nights – with a carton of coleslaw and a jar of tartar sauce…

  26. After getting the coveted driver’s license, parking in the circle at the top of Lincoln Park…At night…

    Hydes hot dogs in Liverpool by the railroad tracks…

    Visiting the “French Fort” along Onondaga lake Parkway…

  27. Oldest memories of Eastwood was 70 years ago when there was the fire at Lennox Furnace Co. on N. Midler Ave.,Nan’s grocery store at the corner of N.Midler & Tyson, Orange Car N. Midler & James where we got wooden orange crates to built scooters & scrap wood from Eastwood Lumber Co. to built forts and played in the woods at the end of N. Midler & Court St.

  28. I want to know more about Nan’s Grocery and Orange Car. What did these places sell? What were they like?

  29. We moved to Eastwood in 1964 when I was 5, we live on Caleb Avenue, I still live in my childhood home. I love Eastwood and all the things that I remember from my childhood. It is sad to see how run down it has become but I hear that there are new things planned, like the Kinney Drugs where the Eastwood Bowl used to be on James Street, I am all for that renovation of the old Steak and Sundae Building on the corner of James and Midler. I belonged to the Eastwood 76’ers, a drum and bugle corp that met and practiced at the Eastwood American Legion on James and Nichols Ave. We were always in the parades that they had, Memorial Day, Columbas Day, that was really a great time for alot of kids, although most of them were not from Eastwood, they didn’t know what they were missing. I am glad that someone made this website, it is a place for all of us Eastwoodites to come and remanice our childhood, some of us, our adulthood, lol.

  30. Flew a Kite on the Field behind Eastwood Junior High.

    Played whiffleball in the Baptist Church Parking lot

    Spent the Summers at Huntington Pool.

    Amazed how Nojaims on the Corner of S. Midler and Glen Cove stayed in Business.

  31. WOW, I miss Eastwood and reading all the comments just made me smile, nod and get misty!! Thank you everybody! Best place to grow up, wish my kids could have experienced the same!

  32. Never got a halfmoon cook from the Rasmussen’s on halloween. The gave them out at their house. never went to Eastwood Baptist Nursery Scool, never went to ACME in the plaza where sacred melody moved. Never got a free popcycle in class on the last day of Huntington from Mel’s, never went ics skating back by the huntington pool, nver thought the south side of James was better than the North, never got gas from Charlies texaco on forest hill and james.. Even though Eastwood has changed alot and still is changing these and all of the above reasons is why I still live in Eastwood only 4 blocks from the house I grew up on forest hill dr.

  33. I can remember when there was a Carl’s drug Store where the Scared Melody store is then it moved down to where the current Rite Aid is, across from Blessed Sacrament Church, it turned into a Fay’s, then an Eckerd and now Rite Aid, Father Nature’s Florist was right next door. Where the Dunkin Donuts is on James Street was a parking lot for the Eastwood Sports Center, Tip a Few was a popular bar down further on James Street and the Scott’s Brothers Florist was another staple too.

  34. Very fond memories from growing up in Eastwood! Eastwood sports center, Huntington school dances,pool indoors and outside, “the hill”, to name a few. Ahh the memories!!

  35. skipped that awesome lunch to go to case’s n kegs to get a sub and smoke a cig on the corner

  36. Syracuse Savings Bank to Norstar Bank to Fleet bank to Bank of America
    Parents yellowing your name out the back door for dinner. Running back right after table cleaned off.
    Sitting on a neighbor’s step till way past dark in the summer.
    Our neighborhood dog, no leash, following us as a large group where ever we went.
    Listening to 45’s on neighborhood’s front porch.
    Learning to play ‘pitch’ on a rainy summer day at age of seven.
    Playing tag football over three yard…no fences to prevent us from running the field. Ages 5-16 all included in the game.

  37. I lived on Hillsdale Ave for several years and walked EVERYWHERE.

    Bought MANY 45s (and many pair of drumsticks) at the Music Center, then later, Johnnie’s Collectibles.

    Ate MANY pieces of warm cardboard covered with cheese…er, I mean Frank’s Pizza.

    Spent MANY dollars mastering the games at Button’s Arcade. To this day I will kick anybody’s ass in Galaga.

    Ran from cops on the hill MANY times, winter, spring, summer or fall.

    Had a very short stint as a DJ spinning VINYL at The Cornerstone on Teall Ave. The owner really liked Springsteen and was usually one of only about five people in the joint. I spun there half a dozen times shortly before they closed.

    Even though I only spent a few of my childhood years there my memories and friends I made there will last forever. Thanks especially to some of my best buds from back then: Keith Chrestler, Mike Notarthomas, Scott Thomas, Chris Poggiali, Rich Cannarelli, Steve Schroeder, Ed Amlott, Ed Gilner, Walt Stachnik, Dave Stonecipher, and Joey Saya, may he rest in peace.

  38. How about cutting through Charneys or True Value to get from James St. to Cummings field? Red was an asshole, but I miss Franks greasy pizza! My grandmother would call down to Sayre’s market and tell Vi I was coming, and then she would send me over at 12 years old, and Vi would hand me the bottle of Vodka! I delivered the Post Standard on Mildred, Clifton and Hastings from 1982 to 1986…good times! It still looks wrong when I go back and see the new OCWA tower behind Friendly’s and not the “Spider”. Mother’s Cupboard made the national stage when Man vs. Food visited. My Uncle still runs a salon next to where Chase’s was. I call him the “unofficial Mayor of Eastwood”! My great Uncle owned Caps Cue Club for a while. Yeah, I play pool pretty well… My buddy and I would make money by walking up and down James on summer days and clean storefront windows for $2 each window. The goal was to make enough to get a cheeseburger and Coke at McDonalds in Shop City and waste the rest of it at Buttons! I was no more than 7 years old when I would walk home from BSS to Mildred – by myself! If I had a quarter, I would stop by the bakery and get a headlight. I also remember getting Orange Crush’s at Galloways for a quarter. And again for a quarter, you could rent movies at Rite Aid – Beta or VHS! Why was there 2 Byrne Dairy’s within a quarter mile of eachother? Does Byrne still have green milk at St. Patricks? There are a lot of things I miss about Eastwood and CNY since leaving almost 20 years ago, but some good news came this week. Hoffmans will be going national! Now if we can Hinderwadles to do the same thing, the whole country will know what summer in Syracuse means!

  39. growing up in eastwood was some of the best times of my life. i lived on hastings place,and nichols ave…i loved when we were kids could be safe out at nite playing with all the neighborhood kids,everbody watched everyones kids,i loved going to huntington pool in the summer and sledriding at sunnycrest park in the winter….many wonderful times,great places,great community

  40. half moon cookies at the bakery that used to be in the carls shopping center on james st

  41. I remember Danny Cinqmars,think both the brothers were friends with my brother Phil Sscanlon. I didn’t know he passed, so sorry. My brother passed last May.

  42. There was nothing like growing up in Eastwood in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I hope others have as much fond memories as we do wherever they lived.

  43. Didn[t notice if anyone mentioned Fergusons grocery, located in the house on James st by lillian ave. or Scheasus brothers @ james and marlborough. And who of us didn’t sneak in to the tip-a-few, then go to Tri-R afterwords for the best damn hamburgers you ever had when drunk?
    Remember the ‘coffee cup’ across from the palace? Owned my Elanor or Elanor’s restaraunt. the old cafateria style. Grants at shop city, and mccrorys. witch was there almost forever. And Wayyyy back when, there was a five and dime in the end of the building that ran from north ave to Grant blvd. It’s sad, at one time, eastwood was a community, now, it’s just a place to drive past. No shopping, no comfort, no sense of belonging.

  44. …anyone remember Hoffenreefers,purchased for 1.99 a six pack from Cases and Kegs? It was terrible malt liquor and the tops were jeporady puzzles!

  45. how about going in to jafs cooler and drinking the beer in there. the wall at eastwood jr high !!
    mike campese wearing his shorts over sweatpants and pulling them as far up as he can.. classic !!!

    Essi’s near nichols school>
    the great eastwood little league parade that started at james st lanes and went all the to cummings field

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