Yard waste pick-up dates

Yard waste and construction debris in Eastwood will be picked up by the City of Syracuse six more times this year. You are allowed to put yard waste and construction debris between the sidewalk and curb, not in the street, on the weekends listed below ONLY:

May 5-6, June 2-3, June 30-July 1, August 4-5, September 1-2, and October 6-7

Yard waste must be out to the curb NO SOONER THAN the Saturday and NO LATER THAN THE EVENING OF THE Sunday before your scheduled week to ensure collection for that week. Once the crews have been through an area they will not return until the next scheduled week. Yard Debris out any other time than your scheduled week for pick up is a Violation of the Health and Sanitation Code. Yard Debris may be piled loosely at the curb line. Do not place in the street, near sewer vent pipes, or blocking sidewalk. Do not put any yard debris in plastic bags, boxes or cans. Paper lawn and leaf bags may be used.

Construction debris (wood or wooden products, shingles, plaster, masonry, roofing materials, concrete, insulation, etc.) is limited to 2 pick ups per property per year of not more than 2 cubic yards (approximately the size of a washer/dryer side by side). Construction debris must be set out according to the April through October monthly quadrant schedules. You must schedule a pick up prior to placing construction debris out to the curb. No contractor generated construction debris will be picked up by the city. Do not put construction debris in plastic bags, boxes, or cans.Click here to request a construction debris pick up.

Hazardous/unacceptable construction debris includes but is not limited to asbestos roofing shingles or tiles, asbestos siding or any material containing asbestos, and any kind of paint. For information regarding the disposal of hazardous waster debris click here.

Leaf collection beings November 1st. Place leaves out to the curb line, not in the street. Avoid sewer vent pipes. Leaves may be loose or in the large paper lawn and leaf bags that can be purchased at most hardware/home improvement stores. Do not put leaves in plastic bags. Leaves in plastic bags will not be picked up. Because leaves are composted, no other forms of yard debris can be mixed with leaves. No other forms of yard debris may be set out to the curb after your last quadrant pick up in October.

Snow removal is a large part of the Syracuse scene. The Syracuse DPW maintains a large fleet of snow plows in addition to numerous private plows that are contracted by the city. Snow plowing priorities are as follows: main arteries-rush hour routes, snow emergency routes, hospital routes are plowed first, followed by secondary routes, side streets, and dead end streets. The City of Syracuse maintains 406 miles of city streets.

Street sweeping is routinely done April through October on all curbed streets with the cost being assessed to the property taxes.

Free mulch is available year round. The mulch pile is located on the access road to the DPW complex, just off S. Midler Avenue. Pull up and help yourself. You must provide your own containers and labor.

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