Winter in Eastwood

Over a month has gone by since my last post!  How can that be? Well, after moving a few tons of snow, like we all did in December, hubby and I escaped to sunny New York City for a week. It was gorgeous… we got to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on a stunning day.

Then… the blizzard hit! So we had the most interesting experience of being able to saunter right up the middle of most streets in Manhattan.  Still, Eataly was packed!

It’s good to be back home. Same ol’ snow, but really, it is drop-dead gorgeous when it’s new. And it seems to be new here an awful lot.  One of the great things about growing your own vegetables is that you never really stop thinking about green growing things despite all the white. Today I went out and, after shoveling again, stood there looking at the snow all over the front yard and pondered where we’d put in the buckwheat.

Buckwheat???  Yep, that plant that attracts butterflies and pollinating insects, produces a fruit that provides a complete protein (it’s not a grain, despite its name), and grows well just about anywhere. Buckwheat groats, hot cream of buckwheat cereal with organic butter and maple syrup, buckwheat pancakes.

What will the neighbors think if we’re growing a crop like that in our front yard?

My dad’s reaction to the suggestion was pretty violent. But I already wrote all about that in our food blog, Chus On Chow. Suffice to say, we’ve got the best neighbors anywhere. We meet them when we’re out gardening or pushing snow around. They’re unfailingly pleasant (or they just ignore us, a perfectly acceptable option). And they make me happy that we don’t live in DUMBO.

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