2 thoughts on “We could have this Kinneys”

  1. Hate the parking in the front. It is potentially enabling people to drive into the building. There needs to be more separation between pedestrians and the cars and the site plan needs to be more ADA and pedestrian friendly. Too auto oriented and in my opinion is design flawed. Way too much asphalt which increases run off. Otherwise, the building is very nice. What’s up on the second floor?

  2. The point was not to recommend this particular store configuration and design. I agree that any new building on James in Eastwood (or anywhere else in the city) should be built up to the sidewalk with any parking located behind the building, not in front. The point I was making is that this successful Kinney’s drug store in Skaneateles — about the same size as the store proposed for Eastwood — has only 22 parking spaces rather than the 40 proposed by the developer for the Eastwood store. This means the Eastwood Kinney’s parking lot could be much smaller than what is proposed and it should be possible to satisfy parking requirements there without demolishing the existing buildings on that block.

    In fact, this Skaneateles Kinney’s parking lot is probably larger than what is needed. This parking lot, within one block of the Dickens holiday festivities, was never full the Saturday afternoon I was there.

    Please take a moment to look through my full slideshow: http://walkeastwood.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/ProposedKinneysEastwood.pdf

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