Walkable Eastwood moves to a new format

The Walkable Eastwood website is finally walking, slowly, into the 21st century. There’s still a bunch of work to do, but you may be able to find some things in here at last. I’ll be posting news, thoughts and responses to your comments from time to time. Welcome! And feel free to add your thoughts to the blog.

One thought on “Walkable Eastwood moves to a new format”

  1. As a recent retiree, I am considering relocation to Syracuse and would appreciate information regarding the most desirable (clean, safe, quiet), yet affordable neighborhoods for apartment rentals within the city limits or very close-in suburbs, far enough away from student-dominated areas. Having grown up in NYC, snow and cold do not scare me, though it has been more than twenty years since I actually lived through a “real” winter. Criteria are proximity to shopping and other frequently-necessary services, near reliable public transit. Prefer older, well-maintained buildings (no high-rises). Price range: approx. $600-900/mo. for a studio or one-bedroom apt., though am somewhat flexible. I am very progressive, physically active (hiking, running, birding), follow a green, vegan and animal-friendly lifestyle. Please advise if locating such a place is feasible these days. Would Syracuse be a good fit? Any additional information about living in the Syracuse is also welcome.

    Ron in Oakland, CA

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