Towns can have standards

Rhinebeck, NY, is one of the Hudson Valley’s most charming villages. It has that very historic feel, including the country’s oldest B&B (George Washington actually did sleep there!) and a citizenry fiercely protective of the “look and feel” of the area. And the real estate values reflect that.

As an example, sent in by commenter Matt, even a suburban-style gas station must conform to local standards. Notice where the pumps are:

and what it looks like from the front:

To all developers:

Eastwood is no less wonderful a place than Rhinebeck. Gustav Stickley slept here and WE live here!  Come with plans that conform to our guidelines and you won’t waste our time or yours.

3 thoughts on “Towns can have standards”

  1. I’m not certain this is any better of a model. The site in question is a) not very deep and b) on the corner of two major roads. Note as well the lack of sidewalks anywhere but leading into the station.

    Which side would get the suburban pump break? Likely James, since it’s deeper in that direction. And then you have a bigger problem for James Street.

    Where they’re talking about this going by design cannot hide the pumps – the site isn’t the right shape for that. While the Rhinebeck pictures are nice, that’s not a feasible nor logical model for a corner in Eastwood.

  2. I absolutely agree with you Aaron. This is NOT a good example of what we’d need in Eastwood, but it IS a good example of a town sticking to its standards and requiring developers to abide by them. It’s a fairly decent model for the type of suburban or rural road on which this particular gas station is found.

  3. I understood that :-) The problem, from what I can tell, is that there *is* no within-the-guidelines model that I can imagine that would fit that (or any) lot along James. Even the corner model you previously showed wouldn’t fit the spirit if not the written guidelines. Most if not all of the lots, excepting perhaps the lot currently occupied by the new Walgreens, aren’t deep enough to put pumps behind.

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