The sign is not the hold-up

The sign being voted on at the Planning Commission meeting tonight (City Hall, 6:00 pm) is not, I repeat, is not the hold-up on the store opening.

Sean Kirst reported on this fact a month ago (Post-Standard, Friday, June 19, 2009 – bolding mine):

The big rumor had been that Walgreens might leave the neighborhood if it didn’t get the sign, even though the store at James Street and Grant Boulevard is all but completed. Yet Vivika Vergara, a spokeswoman at Walgreens’ corporate headquarters in Illinois, released a statement saying the company is committed to Eastwood:

Walgreens, she said, “plans to open the Eastwood location in August whether a sign is approved or not. We respect the community’s feedback and will abide by the decision.”

Guy Hart Jr. has stated that not having the sign would be a deal-breaker. I don’t know how to politely say that this is out-and-out prevarication. It is difficult to face the fact that we’re being played by a developer. But until we do, these games will go on, and on, in Eastwood and other parts of Syracuse.

As for where I got the pictures of the potential blade sign in my previous post, I created them from a photo I took of the actual site from a driver’s viewpoint, with visual information available in this Channel 9 video as well as the dimensions and descriptions available publicly. Is it an architect’s rendering? No, because Walkable Eastwood is not in the employ of Rite-Aid (!?!) or anyone else and cannot afford to hire the kind of help the developer has. It’s a community-oriented blog written, since 2004, by one unpaid blogger with comments by residents and professionals who feel passionately about Eastwood.

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