The Great Coffee Bean Hand-off

We have a lot of fun in the Walkable Eastwood email group. Some of the most avid contributors are those who have moved away and miss Eastwood. Patty’s living in the Bahamas with her husband Bill, but she was dying for some of the fresh-roasted coffee beans from Cafe Kubal we’d been raving about. Wouldn’t you know – Sheila was just about to take a cruise that was stopping in the Bahamas! So she did what any good neighbor would do: she bought some fresh beans and hand-delivered them to Patty. Now if that isn’t neighborly, I don’t know what is.

By the way, Matt and Rachel at Cafe Kubal can send their beans anywhere in the world. They once had an order from Taiwan that they happily filled.

The Great Coffee Bean Hand-off
Sheila, Patty and Bill with bag of coffee beans

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