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Oh! The messes of the pre-caffeinated!

One morning as I stepped up to the counter at Cafe Kubal, barista Ozula rapidly cleaned it off, saying something lovingly about “the messes of the pre-caffeinated.” I stared dumbly at the menu board, waiting for the fog to clear enough to be able to make an intelligent choice. She was patient, as always. I eventually got it together and, trusting my caffeine intake to a trained expert, placed my order.

This morning, at home and in an equally pre-caffeinated fog, I did this: Continue reading Oh! The messes of the pre-caffeinated!

Mayor includes senior urban planner in budget

Thank you, thank you, Mayor Driscoll, for including “A new senior urban planner position” in the city budget, as reported by syracuse.com this evening. You heard me whining for one on this website back in August of 2005, and again in January of this year when Dr. Emanuel Carter of SUNY-ESF wrote eloquently about the need for one. Hardly anything could affect the long-term health of this city as much as an informed, properly educated urban planner. We may celebrate the fact that the line has been held on taxes and water and sewer rates. That can change, however, in a year. But planning, done right, helps us to leave not just a city but the heart of an entire region in better shape for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you, Dr. Emanuel Carter!

You saw it on the Walkable Eastwood website back in August of 2005. I was begging for professional urban planners to be added to the city administration’s staff.

Designing Syracuse City needs in-house urban planners to make the most of its many assets
Sunday, January 28, 2007 (courtesy Post-Standard)
By Emanuel Carter
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

“…(A) succession of administrations have managed the city without including, at a senior level, professional urban planners with the critical skill sets of planning, design and environmental management.

We are not alone in doing business this way. Cities we like, however, include (in senior positions and as crucial participants) professionals trained in planning, design and environmental management, and they conduct national searches to get the skilled practitioners they need.