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Who wins monumental competition?

When people drive into Eastwood from downtown Syracuse, the first thing to greet them at the gateway to our “village” has been this, the Veterans’ Monument. It is in an area that is 50% residential. We finish our Memorial Day parade there, where we gather for speeches and silent contemplation.

Veterans monument with flags

The proposed “monument sign” makes our gateway all about Walgreens instead:

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Memorial Day Parade 2007

Last year, a few of your fun-loving neighbors marched in the Eastwood Memorial Day Parade under the auspices of Eastwood Neighborhood Watch Groups (NWG) and had a g-r-e-a-t time! Along with carrying the NWG banner, they wore and carried signs with the NWG logo, wore funny and not-so-funny hats, filled the air with bubbles, and played kazoos! A classic yellow Checker cab and green punch buggy rode with our group, as well. (Check us out here and click on “Slide show of Memorial Day Parade 2006”)

We have a spot in the 2007 parade and invite you to put the baby in the stroller, the grandkids in the little red wagon, the dog on the leash, and join in the march! You’re sure to have a good time!

The Parade is on Monday, May 28th. Marchers meet at the American Legion on the corner of James and Nichols:
8:00 Coffee and donuts
Opening ceremony at the Legion
Line up and start

Our Neighborhood Watch Groups are something to be proud of, and visibility may encourage other blocks to form a group.

-Jim Crosby, coordinator of NWGS, will give us their banner: it’s long enough that it takes 3-4 people to carry it.
-The Yellow Checker Cab will join us again and probably the Green Bug.
-Jim will run the NWG logo on 8×11 size and make for wearing and carrying.
-Balloons, flags, streamers, hats, garb etc…anything to create color and attention would be great are encouraged.
– We have golden metal kazoos to loan out or sell to you at cost ($1). Tambourines, drums, or other instruments could work, as well.

Finally, there are now NWG hats and t-shirts for sale at $10 each. To order, contact your NWG director or buy them at special NWG events for members such as the upcoming “Light Up the Night” Picnic June 12 6:00-8:00 PM at The Syracuse Inner Harbor.



A special thanks to Kathy Kennedy who essentially wrote this entire post. See if you can pick her out in the pictures from last year’s parade!