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Other cities series: Seattle’s bag fee

When I discovered bits of plastic in the “compost” sold to me locally for my organic garden, I really got sore. But then, is there any compost anywhere that doesn’t have plastic in it? Even if you can’t see it, those plastic molecules don’t break down into something harmless; they just become smaller and smaller and gain even easier entry into your body, and the bodies of your children.

It’s time Syracuse put some teeth behind its talk about becoming the nation’s greenest city. This could hardly be difficult to enact: a bag fee. A similar fee in Ireland cut plastic bag usage by over 90%. When it’s universal, there’s no pain for individual companies. There’s more good news for businesses, but to get the details of how this benefits everyone, check out this page.  And watch this video:

Other cities series: off-street parking requirements

One of our readers alerted me to a great little tool, google alerts. With a search for “walkable ” set up to send me alerts, I’m finding a lot of other cities are seeking to the same things we’re trying to do here. Armed with examples coming in from all over the country, I’ll be posting some interesting finds from time to time in an “Other cities series“. While no city is exactly like Syracuse, I’m betting we can learn a thing or two anyway.

Here’s an interesting question posed by The Tacoma Sun to City Council candidate Keven Rojecki, with his answer. I’m going to bold the terminology we should be thinking about as we strive to make our neighborhood more walkable:

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