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You haven’t lived in Eastwood if you ….

What do you remember or know about Eastwood that makes this place unique among all other neighborhoods in the world? Please use the comment function to add your thoughts to those you see here, sent from Karen who moved to Florida and writes to us in the Walkable Eastwood email group.

You haven’t lived in Eastwood if you…

Never got caught with your feet up on a seat in the Palace, and Frances shining her flashlight in your eye. Yelling “Feet down or get out”.

Never tried sneaking in the Palace from the side door emergency exits… Your friends would pay to get in then make a lot of noise in the girls room with flushing and running water. Frances would come in to yell, “That’s enough water! If you want a bath, go home!” While she was in there someone would open the side door and let you in……

Never hid in Cummings field after dark, used your parents camera flash to make street light shut off, then swung on parks swings till midnight…..

Never listened to the great Stan Collela Orchestra while “Dancin’ under the stars”

Never had to close your windows on a damp or humid day when the winds came out of the east……Penicillin and Bristol……

Never had a 10 cent cinnamon Hershey Popsicle at Chase’s cigar store…

Never met great men like the late Tom Shepardson…. A kind friendly comfort in your hour of need…..

Never saw the great parade of little hobgoblins march up Forest Hill Drive every year on Halloween from A.S Huntington School…..

Never knew the phone number of every payphone from Charney’s to Thompson Rd…..or who was calling and probably who they were looking for…

Never went for a walk after dark over Sunnycrest hill/Shotwell park watching all the lights of the cars going by on 690 , while the wind whispering in the trees was making creepy noises and scaring your pants off…..

Never bought “chum gum” for a penny at Mel and Vi Sayers’ market…..

Never ate awesome Fried Haddock at the Fish Cove in Shop City…(No haddock in Florida)…

Never smelled that crazy musty odor in McCrory’s while your Mom made you try on flip flops or bought toilet paper there…..

Never had fries and a burger at Grant’s dept store snack bar in Shop City….

Never spent all summer saving money to go to all the surrounding neighborhoods’ “field days”…..They used to do one in the “First Trust” bank parking lot (Key Bank corner of Collingwood /James)… How about the one in Lyncourt, down in the field where Court Street meets Teall just east of Syracuse China……..

Never had a “Elephant Ear ” or “hot cross bun” at Rasmussen’s bakery on James St.

Never had a headlight at Geddes Bakery…..

Never played pool at Cap’s…..

Never played the greased watermelon race at the pool days, outdoors at the Huntington pool……

Never made boondoggles, lemon ice or spin art with the rec dept at Huntington park….

Never wrote your initials on the wall outside Biasone’s bowling alley and got chased away…..

Never ate McDonald’s late night outside the Fotomat in Shop City…..

Never got to try nail polish on at the make-up counter in Mr. Wager’s pharmacy on James and North Ave….

Never walked down James St on a summer Sunday around 10:30 when the Catholics, Methodists and Baptists were all singing hymns with their doors open…..

Never took a cab ride with “Ace Eastwood Cab Company”… Louie Tenalglia, Louie Recaparo, Vic Bottina, Esther Blevins… To name of few of my cabby friends….

Never got out of BS school for lunch and had a RB on a Kaiser at Sid’s Steak and Sundae…

Never had a note along with 200 other kids for a “Dr appointment” on opening day at the Syracuse Chiefs…..

Never ran into Galloway’s Pharmacy to get out of the rain and grab a coke while doing your paper route on Paul, Peck, James, Teall and Rugby Rd….

Never got a really beautiful Christmas tree at the Evergreen Mart on Thompson Rd. Or beautiful annuals across the street at Barbagallo’s stand….

Never wondered if smelt were fish, why on earth did that factory on Thompson Rd smell like smoke and dirty metal?

Never were green with envy at the size of that awesome front yard at Shotwell and James St and GOBSMACKED how ya never saw any kids playing on it…..

and last but not least…

Never thought it was gonna be missed so very much when you left it behind…….

I left my heart in Eastwood….

To all

Read this and weep

“Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.”

Eastwood Took Its Shot at NBA Glory
Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
November 22, 1999

The three teen-agers crouched Sunday on the James Street sidewalk, near the half-demolished remnants of the Eastwood Sports Center. Hands in pockets, they rattled off the rumors about what was coming next. “A Pizza Hut,” said one kid. We could use one of those.” His buddy Justin said, “I heard a combined Taco Bell and a Kentucky Fried Chicken.”
They were surprised to learn the Sports Center was a part of sports history.

… “It could have survived,” said Elva Kendrat, “with good ownership.

Signs Saved at Sports Site; Daniel Biasone’s Former Bowling Center To Be Razed
Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
November 18, 1999
Author: Gloria Wright Staff writer

Although saving the signs was a “small success,” Williams said he regrets losing the building. “It’s one loss that the building is gone. The greater loss is what’s going up in its place,” he said.

Note: For you gentle readers who don’t know this location, it’s at James St. and Midler Ave., and since this 1999 demolition, nothing has gone up there but a small building housing Kristen’s Ice Cream, closed half the year. Most of the lot is rubble and cement, an attractive nuisance to kids.