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They didn’t pave paradise

Anyone crazy enough to read all these posts knows I grew up in Manlius, so walkability was normal for me. My dear ol’ dad was a member of the Village Board for quite some time and I recall fights back in the ’60’s when he and others were trying to prevent the village from tearing down its historic buildings. For the most part, they were successful. And if you walk around Manlius today, you’ll see that there’s still a “there” there. You’ll know, from the quaintly mid-century Sno-Top to the Swan Pond to the ancient Masonic Temple and the early 19th-century homes near the gazebo, that you are in no other place than Manlius, NY.

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Oh! The messes of the pre-caffeinated!

One morning as I stepped up to the counter at Cafe Kubal, barista Ozula rapidly cleaned it off, saying something lovingly about “the messes of the pre-caffeinated.” I stared dumbly at the menu board, waiting for the fog to clear enough to be able to make an intelligent choice. She was patient, as always. I eventually got it together and, trusting my caffeine intake to a trained expert, placed my order.

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We still have a voice in “defining civic progress”

Over a year ago, Sean Kirst wrote a blog entitled “The Ronald McDonald House: Defining Civic Progress.” It is worth reading again, so we might remember what the experts have said about the value – or lack thereof – of demolishing our built history.

Syracuse has made that mistake repeatedly and is, in fact, done with that mindset. Yet, incredibly, we still have an historic building being threatened with demolition. Continue reading We still have a voice in “defining civic progress”