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“Family” Video: it’s just so wrong

The “Family” Video store being proposed at tonight’s TNT meeting (Huntington Elementary School, Sunnycrest and Forest Hill, 7:00 pm) has been the topic of discussion in the Walkable Eastwood email group. The consensus: it’s a no-go on two fronts.

  • All three proposed designs violate the James Street Overlay District Zoning Standards in many ways.
  • Video stores are unsustainable businesses unless they are selling adult videos – which “Family” Video does.

Not one of over a dozen comments in the email group of over 100 members was in favor of having this business in Eastwood. This community has spent years fighting bad design – and winning – so we’re not about to turn back the clock and allow suburban-style development in our urban community. That would cause all our property values to drop and would be a slap in the face of the James Street business owners who develop, successfully, following the guidelines.

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Wittigs to become “Family” Video?

The northeast corner of James and Midler, known as “the old Steak and Sundae” or “Wittigs Ice Cream”, has been sitting for some time, being allowed by its owner to rot and bring our property values down. “Family” Video is bringing a proposal to the TNT meeting on Monday evening (March 22, 7:00 pm, Huntington Elementary School, on Sunnycrest at Forest Hill). I’m guessing that most of this blog’s readers can now tell exactly what is wrong with all three proposed site plans. (If not, read over the James Street Overlay District Zoning Standards.)

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All together now: zoning overlays = $$$

A number of our neighbors are revisiting the James Street Overlay District guidelines, put in place as part of our zoning laws to prevent runaway suburban-style development such as the Dunkin Donuts and the Wilson Farms businesses that were allowed in before the guidelines were written.

Turns out, despite our needing a little time to get used to the idea, having just such an overlay helps to keep our real estate prices in our neighborhood going strong. Continue reading All together now: zoning overlays = $$$