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Is Syracuse ready for urban chickens?

My son and daughter-in-law live out in the country and they have 16 chickens. I’m so jealous, not of the effort that it takes to raise chickens, as little as it appears to be, but of the delicious eggs they have every day. I’ve been eating some of them and it’s quite an eye-opener. They’ve got really bright orange yolks and they scramble up to a warm, sunny yellow, unlike the anemic things you get at the grocery store. Moreover, I trust what these chickens have been eating: mostly organic kitchen scraps. Continue reading Is Syracuse ready for urban chickens?

Where food comes from

We’re avid readers of Anthony Bourdain’s books. Two of them have impacted our family somewhat dramatically. The first was Kitchen Confidential. Aside from being just a great read, it was also the third book our then-early-adolescent son read. He read it cover to cover, but it was at the third chapter that he came running to announce that he wanted to be a chef. Why? He pointed to the title of Chapter 3: “Food is Sex”. That did it. A couple culinary degrees under his belt, he’s now in charge of the mignardises in a restaurant in New York.

But the book that continues to inspire me is A Cook’s Tour, and specifically the chapter, “Where Food Comes From“. Read it, and you’ll understand why he says that where our food comes from is not always pretty. But it’s the larger concept behind that chapter that makes me think a lot and sometimes do strange things.

Strange thing #1: I make coffee in a 70-year-old vacuum coffee pot.

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