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To touch a flower is to stir a star

By now it’s pretty obvious that the type of light bulbs we have all over our homes does, collectively, make a difference. The type of car we drive, the neighborhood we choose to live in (how many miles do you drive to work as a result of that choice?), how much meat we eat… all this has a small but important and global impact in a time when air pollution in China really does get into our own lungs. We are truly all interconnected, like it or not. Continue reading To touch a flower is to stir a star

A cogent argument for action

The Halloween decorations are popping up in Eastwood and leaf collection begins November 1st. But the leaves are still on the trees and it’s 74 degrees outside. Normally around mid-October, we’re wearing several layers indoors trying to keep from turning on the furnace until the last possible moment. Yet this year, like last, dandelions are blooming again. And unlike last year, Al Gore has been recognized for his understanding of how global climate change will lead to very a un-peaceful world in which people who have lost their ability to grow food will fight others for scarce resources. We still have time – barely, maybe. But only if every one of us acts.

Still not convinced action is a good idea? That’s okay. You don’t have to know, you just have to be able to apply a little logic to the problem. It’s a lot easier than figuring out human behavior. Take a look at this video and then leave comments – is this guy’s logic off or not?