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Let’s talk about coffee!

I’ll admit it. I’m a coffee nut. So I emailed my neighborhood coffee roaster to see what was going to be available this week. The answer: the usual great selection, plus a Kenya Chania Estate organic. This one is roasted to a full city roast, which works well in my antique vacuum pot. The label on the bag tells me what’s inside. The aroma: lemon, berry. Taste: papaya, spice. Body: medium. Aftertaste: milk chocolate.

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Eastwood facade grant program in newscast

Thank you, WSYR, for that great newscast on the facade program for James Street businesses! As many as 20 businesses in a 5-block stretch will be able to take advantage of this grant program, so this will have a major impact on the way James Street looks. That, in turn, will attract the kinds of businesses we’d like to see fill in the gaps.

The newscast highlights Cafe Kubal (no, it’s not Kabul, despite the newscaster’s pronunciation of it), a successful and unique business that’s working out of a tiny shop in the Eastwood Plaza. Watch the video of the newscast for the whole story – you’ll even see Matt Godard doing some of that great latte art!