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Huffstir’s part deux

Hubby Dave and I went over to Huffstir’s tonight to grab a meal. Though the patio looked awfully tempting, the temperature isn’t quite up to comfort level yet. We got to chat with some neighbors while waiting for our Chicken Saltimbuca and Chicken Riggies. After they left, I parked myself where I could watch Chef Huffstir and his crew work magic at the range. Bottles of sherry, Madeira and vodka were a good sign that these sauces were going to be a cut above average. Boy, was I wrong… they were way above average!
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Ponchito’s opens in Eastwood

Ponchito’s is not a Mexican restaurant. But it serves food you may think of as Mexican. Call it “roadside Latin American,” call it “that taco joint,” call it Mexican if you want, but whatever you call it, you’ll think of it as fresh, delicious food reasonably priced.

We’ve been waiting for great, simple Mexican food to make the scene in Syracuse, well, just about forever. Some places have come close. But we think Ponchito’s has hit the nail on the head. How can you tell the difference? Walk into any Mexican restaurant and just stand there and sniff. Can you… mmm!… smell the food? Does the smell make your mouth water? If it does, then you have a shot at getting real food, not something that came in a plastic package that was opened, thrown on a plate and microwaved. Well, it smells great at Ponchito’s.

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