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Put Kids To Work Day at Papa John’s

Mike Sutton sent this in to the Walkable Eastwood email group today. I think it’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time – giving kids the opportunity to participate in the world of work here in the community. They get to know local business people while tossing pizza dough!  What could be better?

The Eastside Revival Coalition is proud to announce Put Kids To Work Day at Papa John’s, on Tuesday June 29th from 9:00 am- until about 11am. Manager and franchise owner Steve Adams came up with this idea and he and assistant manager Cathy  Tillipaugh (sp) welcome Eastwood’s children to participate! 5-8 year olds (roughly) are welcome to go to Papa John’s that day, put on an apron and make pizzas for awhile. Cathy will be teaching how to fling dough in the air and catch it, while Steve will be teaching the rest of the process. On top of the experience your child/children will also receive a free lunch, a frame-worthy certificate of accomplishment, and a buy-1 get-1-free coupon for a large delivery pizza!

Starting this Monday you may RSVP your child by calling Steve Adams or Cathy Tillipaugh at 463-7272. There will be allowing up to 15 children to participate, “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE”.
Thank you,
PS We are trying to get a few more James Street businesses to do this. We have plenty of ideas, but please let us know if you know of a business owner that wants to do this.

“Family” Video to Eastwood: “We always win.”

“Family” Video gave a presentation at Monday night’s TNT meeting.  In essence, despite their pronouncements of neighborliness, the real message was this:

  • We will build what we want, where we want it, despite your overlay district guidelines.
  • We will sell pornographic products within mere feet of a church, a school, and residences.
  • We will take you (and your tax dollars) to court if you try to prevent us from violating your city codes.
  • We will win in court.
  • There is nothing you can do.

There was virtually no positive response to the presentation and many people were quite unhappy with what they saw. Their plan violates the overlay district zoning standards as well as city regulations that prevent the sale of adult materials within 1000 feet of a church, school, or residential area.

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“Family” Video: it’s just so wrong

The “Family” Video store being proposed at tonight’s TNT meeting (Huntington Elementary School, Sunnycrest and Forest Hill, 7:00 pm) has been the topic of discussion in the Walkable Eastwood email group. The consensus: it’s a no-go on two fronts.

  • All three proposed designs violate the James Street Overlay District Zoning Standards in many ways.
  • Video stores are unsustainable businesses unless they are selling adult videos – which “Family” Video does.

Not one of over a dozen comments in the email group of over 100 members was in favor of having this business in Eastwood. This community has spent years fighting bad design – and winning – so we’re not about to turn back the clock and allow suburban-style development in our urban community. That would cause all our property values to drop and would be a slap in the face of the James Street business owners who develop, successfully, following the guidelines.

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