Syracuse Public Arts and the “coolness factor”

I think a lot about what makes property values – yours and mine – rise in an urban neighborhood. I’ve concluded that it it is, in part, a certain “coolness factor” that is part reality and part perception. What strikes you when you walk through Little Italy or Armory Square? No, neither of them is perfect, but people want to be there for some reason. Downtown apartments are renting for as much as twice what they are in other parts of the city. Why? Because it’s so cool to live where density and diversity make it so interesting!

So what is this “coolness factor”? Is it the number of independent book stores? the availability of things to do after 9:00 pm? a certain number of cafes per capita? beautiful art to look at? sidewalks that people care about and use in their everyday comings and goings?

Eastwood’s “coolness factor” is steadily rising. Witness the successes of the Palace Theater, Laci’s Cafe, Huffstir’s, Cafe Kubal, three bookstores and streetscape improvements. Soon we’ll be seeing more public art, too, and now’s the time to get involved:

Syracuse Public Arts identifies and initiates quality public art projects and events that work to promote a creative culture and shared identity in Syracuse. We are artists, community leaders and volunteers. Join us.

Read more about upcoming meetings and events of Syracuse Public Arts (s.p.a.). Ask questions:

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