Right rendering, bad news

Maybe memories are short, or eyeglasses in need, but 9WSYR committed an interesting boo-boo in their video about the groundbreaking for the new Ronald McDonald House. You may recall our great gnashing of teeth over the demolition of the beautiful Kingsley-True house. Our Eastwood neighbor, architect Beth Crawford, had done a rendering of the historic yellow house with the PACNY proposed addition off the back as part of the effort to show RMH that they could have their building AND keep the historic home. Alas, that one unexpected deciding vote brought down the house, literally, and Genesee Street lost a part of our built history.

Well, in today’s news video we first see the building that apparently will go up (looks like a Microtel) and then they showed the PACNY proposed site plan. Would that the lovely yellow building with the mansard roof could be our Ronald McDonald House! But no, only the first version (below) is what we’ll get.

Screenshots from the video (scroll down to “Groundbreaking for new Ronald McDonald House 6-9-11”):

The building that will go up
The building we could have had... but won't

One thought on “Right rendering, bad news”

  1. Stop complaining, this house will do a HUGE service to families in need. Yes, it doesn’t look historic, but it still looks nice and the purpose it serves is more important than how it looks.

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