Rick Destito: miracle on syracuse.com

I just read today’s story about Rick Destito’s efforts to re-open the Gear Factory, home of over 25 artists, musicians and other tenants:

Owner works to bring old Syracuse factory — home for artists, musicians — into compliance

I hope you read it, too. It’s about one of the most honest, hard-working and, above all, visionary people in Syracuse. While all sorts of tax breaks and incentives were being handed to Mr. Congel for what has turned out to be the ugliest building ever built in Central New York, Rick Destito has been creating a place where artists and musicians can live and work together. It is well known that these kinds of places, where creative types can easily bump into each other and share ideas, are the engines that drive the rebirth of cities like ours.

So I have to wonder… where is the kind of help he’s been needing all along? I’ll take a hundred Gear Factory-type projects that improve neighborhoods and involve the residents of this city over any of the pipe dreams of those who think thieves like Congel are going to save us.  We are the ones who are saving our city right now!  Take a look at this:

Redeveloping an Old City the Right (Thoughtful) Way

Yep. That’s about us. Syracusans. Doing it the right way. Now let’s see if anyone with access to the kind of help Rick needs at the Gear Factory will step up to the plate and get something done, for him, with him, and for all of us who benefit from a flowering of the arts in our city.

Oh, and that miracle on syracuse.com? It’s the comments. I have never, ever seen the comments there be anything but about 95% negative. Rick has turned that around, with about a 95% positive response coming from commenters.  I hope that now Rick will get the kind of positive $$$ that will make this project really take off.

Rick Destito's well-formed vision for his building. Click on this picture to get to the Gear Factory website.

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