The Giant Street Puppet is Complete!

This puppet is over 15 feet tall. Its arms are 6 feet long, its legs are even longer, and it’s been seen walking through Sunnycrest Park and Armory Square. Its next outing will be at the beginning of the park-to-park run on October 17, 2010, starting at 9:30 a.m.  More information here.

We were one of the four neighborhoods to have a puppet in the Art-In-Motion CITYWIDE PERFORMANCE on Saturday, Sept. 11 at the MOST in Armory Square.

Puppeteers (standing) David Chu, Shane Liebler, Loreen Walker, Kevin Walker, Lonnie Chu, with Kathleen Kennedy (kneeling) and Annette Malone (not in this picture)
A very tall puppet! With strollers for feet!
Puppet details: golf ball earring, hat from hat store, Palace Theater marquee, elm leaves, James Street with some businesses

Walkable Eastwood puppet page: walkeastwood/puppet

Open Hand Theater: www.OpenHandTheater.org

Funding and/or assistance provided by InterFaith Works,the Community Foundation,
Sunnycrest Park Association, Walkable Eastwood, Open Hand Theater, Imagining America
and the SU Chancellor’s Leadership Project.

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