Please come: important TNT meeting Jan. 28

Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today (TNT)
Huntington School (at Sunnycrest and Forest Hill)
Monday, 1/28/08 at 7pm
Discussion: Neighborhoods of Choice.

During the last year and a half that has been spent on the TNT Eastwood 5 Year Plan, discussion has centered on tentative “neighborhoods of choice” within Eastwood- such as Arlington, The Park District, The Hill District and James Terrace. At this meeting, residents will be asked to sit with people from their own neighborhood of choice and discuss issues regarding their part of Eastwood and also what makes their specific area unique from the other areas indicated. Don’t worry if you don’t know what your “neighborhood of choice” is – part of the purpose of the meeting is to define those neighborhoods.

Everyone takes pride in where they live and want the best for Eastwood. Your attendance would be an asset to this meeting and to the future of Eastwood.

Topics to be discussed:

• What is working and what is not within each neighborhood of choice.

• Image: The neighborhood will have a positive image that attracts investment – from homebuyers,homeowners, business, and government.

• Market: The residential and commercial real estate market will reflect the confidence people have in the future of the neighborhood.

• Neighborhood Management: Collective action by residents, institutions, and businesses will ensure the neighborhood will compete well with other neighborhoods for resources.

• Physical Conditions: Physical conditions, whether residential or business, will reflect pride of ownership and a high standard of maintenance.

One thought on “Please come: important TNT meeting Jan. 28”

  1. On 4/9 I read this in the PS in a letter written by a gentleman who appears to be pround of his Strathmore neighborhood, “Not only am I not going to allow people I don’t know to wander around my neighborhood, but I have an entire community that is ‘pro-active’.”

    We don’t watch TV, so we try to spend about an hour on our porch after supper as often as we can. (And yes, elderly as we may be, we’re both “pro-active.”)

    I think that I understand Danny Ahern’s sentiments. Lately we have seen (“perceived”)changing “demographics” in our area of James. W+B, M+F, Y+O,
    in styles of dress not ususally seen at TNT meetings, some with shopping carts.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but “Neighborhood
    of choice” seems to suggest exclusiveness, such as expressed by our friend from Strathmore.

    Tell you what. On 3/6/01 while wandering by Pomco on my way to the PO, I found myself suddenly surrounded by 4 casually dressed civilians one of who identified himself
    as (Sheriff’s) detective Fayhey who insisted on seeing my driver’s license.
    Fortunately I had it with me. And after questioning me about my intentions I was released.

    Admitttedly, I was dressed like some of the people who walk by our porch lately, and I was neither leading a dog, nor was I engaged in Power Walking. I also sport what to some looks like a vagrant style beard. I suppose, that to some citizen of a “Neighborhood of Chloice”
    I might have looked suspiciously different from one of the chosen.

    Just thought I should throw this into the hopper . . .

    sig snyder

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