Nine wishes for 2009

Wow! It’s been over a month since I last posted here. That’s because we were out of town – went to Philadelphia for the semester break at the insistance of former Eastwood resident Kate Clark. But during that time, a lovely email was sent to the Walkable Eastwood email group, and its author has given me permission to share it with you. So the rest of this post comes to you care of “Matthew” from Eastwood. Please feel free to answer his ending question in the comments section.

Here are Nine Wishes for Eastwood for 2009:

9. (Earnestly) pro-neighborhood mayoral candidate(s)

8. All Sidewalks Repaired (and all potholes patched)

7. Compliant Snow Clearing of sidewalks by property owners

6. Rejuvenate and Enhance Norwood Park and Sunnycrest Park – enforce smoking ban, enforce anti-littering laws, add litter barrels, refurbish buildings and grounds, repair/replace playground equipment, establish park police, prosecute vandals, support youth events, publicize community events, …

5. Crime Awareness – Continue support of Neighborhood Watch Groups; assist new (and struggling) Neighborhood Watch Groups; neighborhood walks by police chief, fire chief, code enforcement director, District Attorney, and DSS commissioner; establish cooperative relationship with Community Court, …

4. Expansion of Memorial Parade; and Return of Columbus Parade

3. Plan and establish Bicycle Paths throughout Eastwood

2. “Buy Eastwood” – Stronger support of neighborhood businesses by Eastwood residents

and the Number One Wish for 2009 …

1. Litter Eradication –
Install litter receptacles on each block of James Street; install litter receptacles at each bus stop in Eastwood; monthly citizens litter detail (April – November); business sponsorship of anti-litter campaign; poop scoop compliance by dog owners; install “Clean Up After Your Dog” signs on each street; assign Community Court defendants to collect litter; more attentiveness by sanitation crew when collecting garbage, …

What are YOUR wishes for Eastwood for 2009?

Happy New Year.


One thought on “Nine wishes for 2009”

  1. Not one response to this post? Wow.
    Great thoughts, Matthew. Snow compliance, picking up after pups and ‘Buy Eastwood,’ are my favorites. How can we get started?

    Hillsdale Ave.

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