Mobile Galleries Project for the Connective Corridor

It would be great to see some Eastwood art on the Connective Corridor bus!  The following was sent to me today. Jan Cruz was one of the SU professors instrumental in the Art-In-Motion project, which got us Gustav, the 17-foot street puppet.



My name is Francesca Merwin and I am the Engagement Fellow/Communications Coordinator for the Connective Corridor. I was given your email by the lovely Jan Cruz to let you know of an opportunity on the Corridor buses.

Basically, we own and operate the wrapped buses which travel the Corridor route. We have intended to make these buses Mobile Galleries. Please see this link for more information:

Corridor Buses Transform into Mobile Galleries

Currently, we are in the process of identifying art projects. We are looking for projects (be it poetry, art, photos, etc) that either:

A) Represent a social issue pertaining to Syracuse life

B) Represent a collaborative effort of community organizations in Syracuse

We try to switch out the art in the buses every two months. Currently, we are looking for 7 exhibitors in total for the April-May (1), June-July (3) and August-September (3) runs of the project.  This document explains the process in a little more detail. Below you will see some images of what this looks like “in action”. If you are interested and think that your project fits these guidelines, please send me an email or call me at 203-558-1075 so we can discuss this further.

Thank you so much for your time!


Francesca Merwin
Communications Coordinator
Connective Corridor
Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development
(203) 558-1075 ::


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