Mayoral candidate forum a huge success/dismal failure

The successful aspect:

There was standing room only at the mayoral candidate forum on urban planning and sustainability. Since six of seven candidates were able to come, we heard a helpful variety of ideas.

People are really, really interested in this topic.

The not-so-good aspects were well outlined in Sean Kirst’s column. Not enough specifics from the candidates, questions may have been too broad.  Some of the candidates talked a lot but had little to say about the topic. We suspect a lack of knowledge about urban planning and design.

But here are some positive statements we heard:

Stephanie Miner: “I will appoint an office of sustainability with a director.”

Joe Nicoletti: “I met with Neil Seldman president of the Institute for Local Self Reliance about Deconstruction as a strategy to bring Syracuse back.”

Steve Kimatian: “I want sustainability to be an integral part of the mindset of my administration. It has to be systemic.”

Otis Jennings: “Department heads will go to TNT in order to make the city accountable to the people.”

One thought on “Mayoral candidate forum a huge success/dismal failure”

  1. Questions for the mayoral candidates:

    To Alfonso Davis – Why, after “…working in the political process for 24 years,” haven’t you been able to solve the litter problem?

    To Otis Jennings – Why, as parks commissioner, were you not able to keep our parks litter-free?

    To Steve Kimatian – Why, as a media executive, haven’t you been able to successfully maintain litter-awareness among the general public?

    To Stephanie Miner – Why, in your many years as a member of the common council, have you not been able to solve the litter problem?

    To Joe Nicoletti – Why, in your decades as a public servant, haven’t you been able to solve the litter problem?

    To Carmen Harlow – Why, as deputy commissioner of public works, weren’t you been able to solve the litter problem?

    Pitch In.

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