Live in Eastwood, avoid the 5 dumbest renovation fads

A lot of houses in Eastwood were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This was a time when many families had no car or, at most, one. So the garage was not your front door and the streets were made with walking in mind. It was a time when people had to be thrifty with everything, including energy (hmm! Maybe it’s time to learn a thing or two from The Greatest Generation!). The largest rooms were those where families could sit down to eat together – the dining room is the largest room in many houses and flats in this area. Bedrooms were pretty much for sleeping, not for watching TV, and there weren’t the overlarge closets we shopaholics need for clothes that don’t even get worn.

Now that we’re getting a clearer understanding that the long commutes necessitated by suburban sprawl actually contribute to the potential demise of this planet as we know it, it’s rather nice to already be living close to work and all the diversions of a lively city. Over the past ten years, as I moved closer and closer to the city and finally into it, my daily commute time lost an entire hour. That means that not only have I gained the equivalent of a month’s worth of 8-hour days per year, I’ve prevented an unnecessary 2.7 tons of Co2 from entering the environment.

And all this because I felt I could do without the sterile neighborhoods where you see not a living thing stirring in the streets during most of the day, where you have to drive to literally every service and activity, and where you find yourself inadvertently caught up in the “who’s got the greatest great room” competition.

Well, since you live in Eastwood, I’m here to tell you that your house is just fine, according to Because chances are, it wasn’t built with any of the 5 dumbest renovation fads built in. What do you think?

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