“Laundry Day” mystery

We’ve found all sorts of things on our front porch, such as half-eaten pizza, slices of bread that the squirrels have torn apart, and a box of mayonnaise. Okay, that last one was shipped to us because I’d purchased one of the last brands of mayonnaise that’s still sold in glass jars.

But today, Dave found the funniest thing yet:  two framed pictures, each having to do with hanging one’s laundry.  In fact, one of them actually said “Laundry Day!”. Hmmm… is this a weird coincidence, or does some crazy neighbor actually remember Laundry Day, 2008?

Maybe it was Amber, who attracted various kinds of attention by hanging her laundry on the front porch of her elegant house:

Or maybe it was Sig, who hung out his artwork with his laundry:

In any case, your local flamenco musicians thank whoever placed the pictures on our porch for reminding us of a really fun neighborhood project.

We had laundry on the line yesterday. Has anyone else been drying their laundry outside in the free solar or wind-powered dryer?

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