It’s not about what happens, it’s about how we react

Last night, a couple guys drove around Eastwood with a pellet gun for the sole purpose of shooting out windows of parked cars. They got something like 17 cars before police found them. No, we don’t like this sort of thing at all. But it’s all too easy to just chalk it up to the fact that this is a city neighborhood, as if this never happens anywhere else. Cities, by definition, have a greater density of humans than the suburbs. So you’re going to find more wonderful people per square mile in a city than in the suburbs. And you’re also going to find more problematic people in the same square mile. And more cultural events, theaters, cafes, great restaurants and… did I happen to mention all the great people?

So yeah, it’s disheartening to know that some of our neighbors are having to deal with busted-out windows. That sort of thing makes one feel violated, vulnerable and just plain mad. I know. It happened to me when I lived out in the suburbs. My house out there was also broken into.

Eastwood has a lot going for it, especially the people who put in extra time to make it an extra nice place to live. Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today, the Eastwood Neighborhood Association, the Sunnycrest Park Association, the Eastwood Chamber of Commerce, the Neighborhood Watch Groups and many other groups large and small, as well as individual folks, contribute in many ways to make this a great community.

So how to react to what happened? Well, we could do the method that basically gets us nowhere: moan and groan and tell everyone how Syracuse is going downhill (when, in fact, Syracuse is decidedly doing better in many ways). Or we can just keep doing what we’re really good at: getting off our sofas and doing one or a few little things that together keep this community perking along, despite the occasional bump in the road. My hat is off to all those who choose to react in a positive way. Anything else is just plain silly.

3 thoughts on “It’s not about what happens, it’s about how we react”

  1. Thanks for your blog. My husband and I are moving to Syracuse in a few weeks and there’s a good chance we are moving to Eastwood. We have been living in Toronto for the past three years. I walk almost everywhere I can, even in winter and I’m glad to find a blog which talks about walkable neighborhoods and communities and other stuff that is important to me.

  2. Melsky, we look forward to meeting you, perhaps some day at one of our cafes! Hubby Dave and I love visiting Toronto. We just spent a few days in Kingston, Ontario, another great walkable Canadian city. Feel free to join the Walkable Eastwood email group and ask questions if you like!

  3. Thanks! We just rented a house on Woodbine that we will move into in about two weeks. I signed up for the group and am pending.

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