Huffstir’s part deux

Hubby Dave and I went over to Huffstir’s tonight to grab a meal. Though the patio looked awfully tempting, the temperature isn’t quite up to comfort level yet. We got to chat with some neighbors while waiting for our Chicken Saltimbuca and Chicken Riggies. After they left, I parked myself where I could watch Chef Huffstir and his crew work magic at the range. Bottles of sherry, Madeira and vodka were a good sign that these sauces were going to be a cut above average. Boy, was I wrong… they were way above average!

Dave’s riggies were plentiful and on the spicy side, exactly to his liking. The sauce, made with sherry, was fresh and delicious, with none of the tell-tale sweetness that bottled sauces have. The pasta was done just right, too. The saltimbuca (usually spelled saltimbocca – jumps-in-the-mouth) lived up to its name. “Chicken and prosciutto sautéed with baby bellas topped with provolone finished in a white wine lemon butter sauce over greens” … was all that and more. Garlic, for one thing, and some herbs I couldn’t place. Chef isn’t skimping on anything in this dish. It was magnificent, and flavorful to the extreme. I couldn’t believe I was eating food that exciting while sitting in my own living room. You’d easily pay twice as much, too, for a dinner like this in any other restaurant.

The menu is amazingly complete with starters, homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and subs, a la carte pasta dishes and sides. But to do this place any justice, you have to give this a try sometime:

Before you leave to pick up your dinner, set the table, get the candles ready, set out the wine, turn on the soft music, and stick the good china in a warm oven. Order one of the stellar dinners – maybe a N.Y. strip steak or a shrimp scampi – rush them home and and serve those babies on the hot plates. You’ll think a little piece of heaven dropped into your dining room.

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  1. TJ and I have ordered from Huffstirs twice and been very happy with it both times. TJ also got the riggies (both times) and loves them. I’ve tried the Chicken Dylan and the eggplant parm and have been happy with both (a bit oily, but tasty). Plus it’s quick and easy and cheap! We really want this one to stick around!

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