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I’ve never lived anywhere that came up with even a quarter of the ideas Eastwoodians come up with to improve, beautify, and enjoy this neighborhood. I sent a set of ideas from a writer in the Walkable Eastwood email group to the Eastwood Chamber of Commerce email group and got back two emails chock full of ideas and events which I post here below. For further information or sign-up sheets for any item, please see the appropriate website:

From Sue Straub, president of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association:

August 8th – Eastwood Flea Market (neighbors have been suggesting this for years – this is the 1st annual)
Sept. 12th – Eastwood Golf Tournament
– a family-fun event that includes picnic lunch.
Sept 22nd – ENA Annual Meeting 7:00 P.M. Blessed Sacrament School cafeteria. Guest speaker: Police Chief Miguel.  Last year this served as an Eastwood-wide neighborhood watch meeting, of sorts. But we certainly want to encourage more individual blocks form their own Neighborhood Watch Group.
Oct. 3rd – Eastwood in Bloom Day – bulb giveaway and 2nd time around sale – stop by the Eastwood Community Center and pick up your free bulbs for planting in your yard. (In the future, with more helpers, we’d like to incorporate some sort of art sales into this event – similar to Westcott neighborhood’s bulb giveaway.)
Oct. 18th – Eastwood Park-to-Park Autumn Run –   We would love to have enthusiasm in Eastwood for our 5-mile run similar to what happens at Tipp Hill’s race in March – neighbors at the finish line and all along the route, out on their porches or on their corners cheering on the runners. Our goal is to have every corner monitored. It would be great if many of our businesses had a group man a corner – wearing their company t-shirt or hat or holding a company sign. The main purpose of the race is to show off our outstanding community to runners who come from all over CNY.
Eastwood Pride Day in April – after the snow melts, when everyone joins in to clean up the main streets, the parks, the school grounds.

I’ll just mention one more item on ENA’s agenda for next year – a kickball tournament for all ages and skill levels. This will be at Norwood Park sometime in July.  The concession stand will be open providing the opportunity to buy your lunch for a few bucks, or you can bring your own.

I haven’t mentioned the other events ENA has organized: the Winterfest events: Wii competition for seniors and teens, or the Scavenger Hunt to several of our businesses, or the SK8 Jams or Bike Rodeo or the 5 concerts or hmmmmm….I may have forgotten a couple things, but you get the idea.
I’ll stop for now, but will say that with more ideas and folks to help organize and attend events, the list in endless. Feel free to call me or visit ENA website.

Sue Straub
Eastwood Neighborhood Association, Inc.
233-8256 (day)  437-5087 (eve)

And from Gia Palermo of the Eastwood Chamber of Commerce:

Yes, we are lucky in Eastwood to have so many civic groups who care so deeply about the neighborhood. In addition to ENA, the Eastwood Chamber, Sunnycrest Parks Association, Sheridan Park Association, TNT, schools and many of the churches (to name a handful) are all working hard to make the neighborhood a better place to live and all have their unique purpose. There is much room to get involved and a lot of work to be done.  For those who may be interested, here are a bunch more events organized and sponsored by the previously mentioned organizations to add to ENA’s list:

August 5th: Sheridan Park Concert and Picnic: 7pm Joe Whiting, free food, raffles

August 6th: Jazz in the City (POMCO): 7pm Pomco Parking Lot, Across from Cummings Field, David Valentin Quartet, Evan Knight

August 23rd: Bark in the Park: Dog Show at Sunnycrest Park. Details to follow on

September 11th: 5:30pm: We Remember… September 11th Memorial Service, Sheridan Park (At Burnet, behind Fire Station 17 btwn. Midler and Nichols Ave)

September, Date TBA: Lunch with a Special Bunch. Picnic at Sunnycrest Park for all Veterans. Details to follow on

Month of October:

Date TBA: 5th Annual Bravest vs. Finest Game at Henninger HS .Details will follow on

Date TBA: 5th Annual Halloween Trail at Sunnycrest Park (this year’s theme: Harry Potter)
Details will follow on

Month of December:
Date TBA: Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Greenway Park and Holiday Party at Palace Theatre. Details will follow on

Month of February, 2010
Date TBA: Fifth Annual Great Snowman Convention at Henninger Ice Rink.
Details will follow on

Spring 2010:
Date TBA: 2nd Annual Eastwood Egg Hunt. Details will follow on and

DateTBA: Annual Earth Day Clean Up on James. Details to follow on

Date TBA: Earth Day Clean up in the Parks. Details will follow on

Date TBA: Celebrate Urban Birds, Sunnycrest Park. Details will follow on

Date TBA: Maple Magic in the Park, Sunnycrest Park. Details will follow on

I encourage anyone with ideas for improving Eastwood with special projects to contact anyone in the above-mentioned organizations.

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  1. I know there is a calendar on this site, but I’ve been lamenting a central calendar for all of the Eastwood events *that can be subscribed to* (as I live off my iCal and Google calendars), so I went ahead and made a Google calendar of my own of the above events that have confirmed dates:

    HTML version:

    iCal version:

    I wouldn’t mind continuing to keep it updated if people send me events (and I will try to keep my ears and eyes open as well).

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