Eastwood’s White Tower gets back to burgers

We’re thrilled to see that the building on James St. that started out as a White Tower has gotten back to its burger roots with the opening of Laci’s Burger Joint. If I’m not mistaken, our White Tower must have looked a lot like this one.

After many incarnations, it looks like this today:

So how did our White Tower end up looking like this? Take a little stroll through various pages devoted to White Towers and/or diners in general:

Wisconsin Historical Society’s page on White Towers

A page all about White Towers, including ours!

Engines Of Our Ingenuity – a professor’s lecture about White Towers

Protected Landmarks in Cambridge, MA – one of them is a White Tower

Syracuse area diners visited by RoadsideFans in 2003, including Eastwood’s White Tower

Syracuse White Tower Threatened Scroll down in this link to find the article. This is in the archives of a website that is no longer displaying the photos. I’ll see what I can do to get them! It does give you an idea of what happened back then, the same disturbing trend that saw the demolition of the Bowling Center several years back and the Kingsley-True House just a couple months ago.

There’s one thing that helps a neighborhood to retain its character, its sense of what makes it unique in all the world, and that’s the preservation of its buildings. Sometimes the original use for a building is no longer feasible. If only the facade can be preserved, that still gives us a sense of where we are. In the case of the White Tower, it’s always been some kind of a restaurant. We hope there will be a way for Laci’s Burger Joint to put the tables and counter back in (see review at Chus On Chow). In any case, we’re thrilled to be able to get a great burger on James Street while keeping our White Tower going.

Do you suppose we’ll be able to keep our Henry’s Hamburgers building, too? Scroll down, you’ll find it in there… know where it is?  ….. Give up? Look here.

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