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I met and wrote about Eastwood neighbor Rebecca Fuentes some time ago, but it wasn’t until we took the Community Foundation’s “The Leadership Classroom” course together that I got to know what a quiet powerhouse she is. Taking the course meant showing up for most of a Saturday, once a month for nine months. Plus there was lots of extra work to do putting together our grant proposal. While others fell away, she hung in there for the whole thing and we were able to secure funding for signs, banners and other improvements for Sunnycrest Park.

During the many workshops of the leadership class, I got to know Rebecca better and was seriously impressed by the many challenges she has faced and overcome, her willingness to persevere, and her deep compassion for those who suffer injustice.

It was Rebecca who you saw on the front page of Sunday’s Post-Standard. Read the story (below) and you’ll agree that Rebecca has once again been like a dog with a bone; she doesn’t give up until she’s made a positive difference in someone’s life.

She’s done all the heavy lifting. Now it’s our turn to add what amounts to a couple mouse clicks and maybe one minute of filling in an online form to simply request that the NY State Fair not approve Peter Karageorgis’ application to sell chicken – or anything – at this year’s fair. New York Staters have a proud history of opposing slavery, now called human trafficking. We can continue that history. Please read this letter from Rebecca:

Hi friends,
I want to share this link to the story of workers who were exploited at the NY state fair. We were lucky to support these workers in their fight for justice.
The reporter was told that the vendor already sent an application to sell at the fair and that they are reviewing his application..
I am asking people to please send a message to the NY state fair to not allow this vendor to come back to the fair.
You can sent a message to the fair here:
We are working on setting up also an online petition so that the fair denies his application and also make sure that this won’t happen again to any other workers.
thank you so much.

Rebecca Fuentes, Coordinator

Workers’ Center of CNY
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2nd. floor Plymouth Church
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