Eastwood Laundry Day

It all started right here, at Walkable Eastwood. The post that included the joys of hanging laundry to dry inspired more comments both here and in our email group (85 neighbors and counting!) than any other post. So I did a little research and discovered that some poor folks are not allowed to hang their clothes to dry in the sun and fresh air! They are forced by local rules to use their gas or electric dryers.

We in Eastwood have never had to deal with such rules. Hanging clothes to dry is such a long tradition here, many yards still have the clothesline poles that were installed when the houses were built.

In an effort to encourage our neighbors near and far to reduce their carbon footprint and get back to the neighborly and healthy activity of drying clothes in the fresh air, we will celebrate by hanging our laundry to dry – a whole neighborhood full of laundry – on June 28, 2008.

Learn more at the Laundry Day page in this website!

4 thoughts on “Eastwood Laundry Day”

  1. Hey Lonnie, Just read about you in today’s paper and wanted to say hello. I too live on Nichols Ave.-in the first block. I love hanging my clothes out to dry. I look forward to continued reading of your blog!

  2. Lonnie, I think this is a great opportunity for creative people in Eastwood to show their talents to the neighborhood by hanging their work. This project has inspired me to clip hand-painted t-shirts with a “green” design on a clothesline on Woodbine. Thanks for telling me about this event, Antoinett!

  3. Lonnie, I happily stumbled across your website while searching for a place to settle into. We’re moving to Syracuse from out of state for grad school (meaning myself, husband and little girl). I hate driving and have been trying to find a neighborhood where I can walk to the grocery store, park and library. Eastwood, then?!

    We use cloth diapers and being able to line dry our diapers again would be wonderful! (our current complex won’t allow.)

    Eastwood sounds wonderful– but I’ve heard lots of confusing, mixed info about which neighborhoods would be child friendly. Unfortunately we can’t come look before we move so we’re coming into this blindly. Any zoning maps or good neighborhoods you would recommend to me?

  4. So glad you found us! If you read this month’s Atlantic magazine, you’ll find an article called “Here Comes the Neighborhood” in which Eastwood is described to a T. Not Eastwood specifically, but you’ll see what kind of neighborhood is becoming increasingly popular and why (I linked it above). There is no other neighborhood in Syracuse where you can so easily walk to so much in as safe an environment. We did our research before moving here six years ago and are still thrilled with our choice. I’ll write you privately with lots more information.

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