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Eastwood is fortunate to be the home of a real variety of talented people, including artists, architects, business people, teachers, programmers, auto mechanics and The Craftsman, among many others. Add to this list our very own actor, Rebecca Fuentes, now acting in Tales From the Salt City at Syracuse Stage.

Rebeccca’s family has been living in Eastwood since 2003, when they moved from Calcium, NY, after her husband finished his stint in the Army. She was born in Atascadero, CA, but from the age of three she grew up in in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

She got interested in participating in Tales From the Salt City because she thought it would be a great opportunity to meet people from other cultures. She says, “Often we tend to associate with people who are our same ethnicity or social group and it is nice to know other cultures and ways of thinking.”

She considers herself lucky to be able to participate in this group of Syracuse residents. They have been rehearsing five days a week, and through their personal stories they have shared moments of joy and pain. She feels that “as a group we become stronger each day because of this.”

Rebecca goes on to say, “I always had great respect and affection for the theater. It is a place that feeds the imagination and where one can learn from life. I never imagined how many people it takes to put on a play and how much coordination is required. I would like to invite my Eastwood neighbors to go to see the play. You will feel like you’ve taken a trip around the world, visiting Cuba, Mexico, Macedonia, Sudan and Cambodia. And finally, come to the Onondaga Nation which gave life to Syracuse, the salt city.”

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  1. Thank you very much for writing about our play! It has been a great experience being on stage with these 6 wonderful people from Syracuse and the world. Ping Chong, the director, has called it “reality theatre” because we are not actors (only two cast members have theatre experience), but we have a lot of heart and a great desire to share our stories with all of you. It was thanks to the walkeastwood email group that I found out about the opportunity to participate in this project. Thank you Lonnie for sharing so much information with the community!

    I hope you can make it to see the play. If you will like to read more about the “Undesirable Elements” series, of which “Tales…” is part of go to http://www.undesirableelements.org
    Read more about Ping Chong, the director at http://www.pingchong.org


    Rebecca Fuentes

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