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Some time ago, I got to posting on giving up plastic, especially when it might touch food. Now that there are more young families moving into Eastwood, it might be a good time to revisit this idea. Plastics break down, and there really is no safe amount of plastic molecules that you’d want in your body, much less baby’s.

Today I glanced at the old Duralex glasses I’d brought home from the Canary Islands (Spain) some ten years ago, unable to purchase them here. Manufactured in France of tempered glass, they have been used in Europe for decades in cafes and restaurants because of their durability and elegant design.

duralex glass

My earliest memories of these glasses, dating back to 1976, is of the Canarian cortado, so pretty in its tiny glass cup and such a knock-out to drink, once its layers of black espresso and creamy white sweetened condensed milk were mixed with the tiny spoon that came with it.

cortado canario

I did a search on Duralex glasses a couple years ago but none were to be found at any price. Today, lo and behold! I find them- at least the larger tumblers – being sold in the US under the name “Kidishes” – durable glass tumblers and bowls that your kids can use if you’re trying to get away from endocrine-disrupting chemicals BPA, PVC and phthalates. Kidishes can be found at The Soft Landing and You’ll enjoy seeing their other products as well.

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  1. It’s time to freeze greens from the garden, but I don’t want to use plastic. What to do? Freeze in glass jars! The best ideas I’ve read yet: use straight-sided mason or peanut butter jars (for expansion that won’t crack the glass) and freeze with the lids off and then put the lids on.

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