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Walgreens works with those who persist

This was originally published on January 15, 2006, but it is just as important as it was then:

In Sean Kirst’s open letter to Walgreens, he says, in reference to the Drake University neighborhood’s design criteria worked out with Walgreens, “The neighbors made a stink, and your people sat down and worked it out. You moved the entrance of the store up to the street, so shoppers could walk in the front door. You selected a brick for the exterior that matched nicely with nearby college buildings. While many neighbors were opposed to a drive-through, you put it in the back, where it was out of sight.”

A walkable Rite-Aid:

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The burden of proof

Urban planner and former Eastwood resident Maureen Harding sends this in with permission to publish here:

The Planning Commission must find by the evidence on the record that the proposed action does not impair the public’s general health, safety and welfare.   The burden of proof falls on the applicant to show that it does not.

Incompatible uses can impair the public’s general health, safety and welfare.

Here are principles of compatibility that will inform decision making:

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Neighbors come together at scene of fire

Eastwood is a tight knit community and there’s no greater evidence of this than when folks need support. Early this evening we walked the few blocks in a cold, penetrating rain from our house to 272 Burns Ave. Well before we got to that block we saw cars lining the streets, a few families walking toward us, and a couple news trucks. As we passed a damp mother and her preschool-age children, we heard a a sob. Continue reading