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Eastwood Laundry Day

It all started right here, at Walkable Eastwood. The post that included the joys of hanging laundry to dry inspired more comments both here and in our email group (85 neighbors and counting!) than any other post. So I did a little research and discovered that some poor folks are not allowed to hang their clothes to dry in the sun and fresh air! They are forced by local rules to use their gas or electric dryers. Continue reading Eastwood Laundry Day

Walkable Eastwood moves to a new format

The Walkable Eastwood website is finally walking, slowly, into the 21st century. There’s still a bunch of work to do, but you may be able to find some things in here at last. I’ll be posting news, thoughts and responses to your comments from time to time. Welcome! And feel free to add your thoughts to the blog.