Beyond blue-bin recycling

If you don’t  use it in the first place, you don’t have to even recycle it. So we like buying milk in returnable glass bottles. No chance of plastics molecules ending up in our bodies (unless the cows are somehow ingesting it) and the milk tastes better.

If you don’t throw it away, but rather re-use it at home, that’s less going into the landfill. So we put all our fruit-and-vegetable-based kitchen scraps into the little pail and compost it for later use in the gardens. Dave is happy to report that he only has to put trash out every other week now.


And if you cannot recycle it in the blue bin, see if you can find another way! Here’s a company that is taking all those #5 plastics that still can’t be blue-binned. Called Gimme 5, “Preserve” company makes plastic items out of recycled plastic. Take a look at how you can recycle all those yogurt containers:  Preserve Gimme 5

We drive through the Cortland area a few times each year on the way to Ithaca. No problem stopping off at their drop-of point: MAP Don’t go that way? Chances are a neighbor does every once in awhile.

Do you do anything beyond blue-bin recycling to help save the earth from our negative effects on it?

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