At last! We can recycle #5 plastic!

Just over a year ago, I posted an article about recycling beyond the blue bin. Back then, you had to mail your yogurt containers to Cortland, as there was no pick-up point in Syracuse or in Cortland, for that matter. At last, we can get rid of all those yogurt containers we’ve been saving up:

These containers, like many others, are made of #5 plastic. According to the OCCRA site, you can now recycle these:

Wide-mouth plastic tubs, including:

  • yogurt cups
  • butter tubs
  • Cool Whip containers
  • cream cheese tubs
  • cottage cheese tubs
  • some take-out containers

Check the bottom for a #5 symbol to be sure.

The #5s that go in your blue bin are recycled into new products like other #5 containers, flower pots, buckets, thermal long underwear, reusable grocery bags, etc.

Yaay! No more yogurt containers on the back porch!

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