Annual litter cleanup April 20 and 21

Our Eastwood neighbors are featured on the front page of OCRRA’s spring newsletter, in which “members of the Eastwood Baptist Church collect litter during the Earth Day Cleanup in 2011. Help beautify Onondaga County and register your group by April 6 at”

If you don’t know this guy to the left, you should. He’s not only a one-man beautification committee, he knows how to rally the troops to get the job done. (He’s also wearing a Walkable Eastwood – Pitch-In! t-shirt. Thank you, Matthew!)

The photo, has been shamelessly lifted from the OCRRA newsletter, which you really should read; there’s interesting and useful stuff in there.

But mostly how about registering your group for the April  20 and 21 clean-up days? You can register online here or print out the form in the newsletter.

Thank you to all you hard-working people who make Eastwood a beautiful and desirable place to live!

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