Maps for litter pick-up

Send letters, email or phone:

Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll
203 City Hall
Syracuse, NY 13202-1473
Ph: 315-448-8005
Fax: 315-448-8067

The Post-Standard
CLICK HERE for more instructions and addresses
NOTE: if you choose to send your letter via postal mail, the P.O. Box number is 4915 (the above link has that box number wrong).

WALGREENS Corporate Office
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield Illinios 60015
Chairman and CEO David Bernauer

Planning Commission: Zoning:
Dr. Rubin Cowart
City Planning Commission
201 E. Washington St, Rm 211
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 448-8640
Ms. Heather Lamendola
City Zoning
201 E. Washington St, Rm 211
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 448-8640
Planning Commission Board Members are at the same address:
Mr. Robert Rohde
Ms. Kathy Murphy
Mr. Steven Kulick
Mr. George Matthews


Common Council

Mr. Van Robinson
311 Parkway Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13207
Office: 448-8466
Home: 478-0480
Ms. Stephanie Miner
102 Woodside Drive
Syracuse, New York 13224

Office: 448-8466
Home: 425-1763

Mr. Bill Ryan

118 Feigel Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13203
Office: 448-8466
Home: 463-7617
Ms. Kathleen Joy
2225 James St.
Syracuse, NY 13206
Office: 448-8466
Home: 432-0943

Mr. Lance Denno
310 Crawford Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13224
Office: 448-8466
Home: 559-9738
Mr. Ryan McMahon
113 Carlton Road
Syracuse, New York
Office: 448-8466
Home: 475-0492

Mr. Patrick J. Hogan

314 Avery Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13204
Office: 448-8466
Home: 468-3880
Mr. Thomas Seals
224 West Ostrander Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13205
Office: 448-8466
Home: 492-4077

Mr. Michael Heagerty

407 Sedgwick Drive
Syracuse, New York 13203
Office: 448-8466
Home: 426-0401

Common Council President:

Ms. Bea Gonzalez
5570 South Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13205
Office: 448-8466
Home: 469-5994

County Legislator:
Mr. Mark Stanczyk
228 Brattle Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13203
Home: 479-6144
Office: 251-1101

Get educated

Attend F.O.C.U.S. meetings Forging Our Community’s United Strength. These people rock! Read their website.

Learn about the city zoning standards that affect Eastwood:

About the Overlay Zoning Ordinance, from the City website: “…Residents of the Area TNT group worked with businesses and the City to pass an Overlay Zoning Ordinance along James Street. The purpose of the overlay is to maintain the main street character of the street and provide a pedestrian friendly atmosphere for businesses, customers, and residents.”

Zoning Ordinances This is a .pdf file taken from this city website page. You have to read it in Acrobat Reader. Try clicking on the link above – it may automatically open in a Reader you have installed on your computer. To read just the James Street Overlay District Zoning Standards, scroll all the way down to page 160 in the Reader – it’s toward the very end of the document, at Part C, Section X, Overlay Districts, Article 1.

These are the standards we are asking the City Planning Board to uphold.

James Street Overlay District Zoning Standards in easy-to-read, easy-to-print .pdf format (you’ll need the free Acrobat Reader to open it).

Economic Benefits of a Walkable Community
It’s in .pdf format. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat to open it. Especially if you have a color printer, it makes a very nice 2-sided handout.

TNT stands for Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today and is a program of the City of Syracuse. Eastwood (Area 6) TNT meetings are the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the cafetorium of the Huntington Elementary School, 400 Sunnycrest Rd. (off Midler). Eastwood TNT committee meetings are the second Monday of every month, same time, same place.

Business assistance information provided by the
City of Syracuse Department of Economic Development
Own a business in Eastwood?
Want to help a business succeed?
Download these MS Word documents:

For James Street Businesses

James Street Business Initiative
(tax incentives and other financial assistance)

Eastwood is Area 6 (below), bounded on the south by I-690, on the west by Teall Ave, and on the east and north by the Town of Dewitt. The James St. business district runs right to the eastern boundary.

Map of TNT neighborhoods, Syracuse, NY

“Towns designed for people are tearing down old, non-historic dwellings, shopping plazas and such and converting them to compact, mixed use, mixed income properties.” – Walkable Communities Inc.

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