A great Sunnycrest Park workout

My daughter-in-law and her father have dreamed for many years of hiking down into the Grand Canyon. This year, they’re going to do it! But she’s got to be in shape, so she’s using Sunnycrest Park as part of her training. Take a look at this Gmaps pedometer map she made. You can use it to figure out how many calories you would burn doing this fascinating power walk.

The basic idea is to make use of all those wonderful old stairways throughout the park. You can start anywhere and make it as easy or difficult as you like. If you click repeatedly on the “Undo last point” button, you can see, in reverse, the trip that she takes. Essentially, for a really superior workout, you walk until you get to a staircase, you go up and down it, and then continue on until the next one.

With all these changes in elevation, it’s looking like she definitely will be ready for the Grand Canyon!

You can take something similar to that walk in a virtual way just by looking at this slide show. Don’t be fooled, though! There’s no substitute for the real thing!


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