A Facebook page for Eastwood!

Check it out, folks: Eastwood Neighborhood Planning Council Facebook page. Can’t make it to meetings but want a place where your thoughts on planning issues are valued? What better place than Facebook where plenty of us are hanging out these days?

Please go to that page and “Like” it. Read some of the entries, and by all means, comment on what you see.

Here’s the description you find there:

The only public, democratic, citizen participatory group committed to long-range, healthy, sustainable capacity-building and land use planning for Eastwood. Local residents, businesses and organizations can be a part of the plan for a healthy, sustainable and thriving future in the neighborhood!

Got questions about this?  Go to that page and leave your questions or comments there. You’ll get a quick response.

4 thoughts on “A Facebook page for Eastwood!”

  1. Technically speaking, I don’t believe it does. That said, there *are* chickens in back yards in Syracuse, not many, and they’re rather clandestine. Except for the ones that include roosters that make too much noise for a city, in my humble opinion.

    Syracuse is overripe for a challenge to any law that seeks to prevent people from having chickens, under carefully defined conditions, in their back yard. There were chickens in yards as recently as the 1950’s or maybe even 1960’s, to the best of my knowledge. With enough people working together, I’m convinced Syracuse could join other 21st-century cities and find a way to allow them.

  2. Thank you for your response. We are looking to relocate and we currently have 5 chickens. ( no roosters). It would be wonderful if more people could see the benefits of raising chickens.

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